About us

What Novem stands for

We borrowed our name from the Latin word for ‘nine’. Not just because it’s our first property’s house number, but there are also nine strong reasons why Novem’s housing solutions are so unique.

Novem - K.Leopoldstraat
  1. Flexibility

    Temporary housing or long-term rental? Starting from three months, you can rent however long you like.

  2. Sustainability

    Our (co-)living spaces are designed with high-quality sustainable materials for long-lasting comfort and enjoyment.

  3. Connectivity

    Want to meet your neighbors? Discover our vibrant co-living residences, equipped with kitchens and gardens to socialize in.  

  4. Luxury

    Our flats and studios have a modern, sleek and luxurious design to make you feel right at home.

  5. Variety

    Need a business flat, student studio or peaceful retreat? Our housing solutions can serve a variety of needs.

  6. Locality

    Love to hike in parks, or hungry for city vibes? Our accommodations are located at some great places.

  7. Certainty

    No need to worry about power or internet subscriptions. Your rent includes all the utilities you need, such as power, water, heating and Wi-Fi.

  8. Reliability

    Need a hand? Count on the building manager to make your stay easier or let our handyman help you out.

  9. Easy

    We make moving really easy by taking care of all the paperwork and providing fully-furnished studios and flats.


the King house
the Naussau house