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Welcome to Novem, a unique and flexible (co-)living concept. For wandering souls craving connection. For esthetic enthusiasts desiring modest luxury. For modern nomads seeking sanctuary.

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Novem offers comfortable, high-quality and affordable accommodation, perfect for students, singles, families or expats. Whether you’re feeling social and want to connect in a co-living residence or prefer the peace and quiet of your luxurious apartment.

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Encouraging connection and mindful living.

the Naussau house
peaceful sanctuary
the Bist house
Novem - Kichen - Nassaustraat 2nd floor

Start living flexibly

What makes Novem so unique? Our strong belief in the power of flexible renting. That means no restrictive contracts but renting for as long or as short as you like. From three months to three years or more. Get settled in comfortable and luxurious accommodations that can serve a wide variety of needs, from a business flat and student studio to a family apartment.


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For those fond of

minimalist luxury
Novem - K. Leopoldstraat -  Chair-Pillow-Slippers